• Doggy day care

    Dogs are brought to our home at the farm each day. Situated on five acres of land enclosed behind seven foot fencing and electronic security gates, once inside each area has its own perimeter fencing, a large playfield and two smaller play fields as well as our very own indoor gardens. We also have two indoor areas for bad weather, feeding and rest time. Dogs are always grouped according to their age, size and play style they then move around the grounds so that they experience a little of everything each day.

    All dogs will also take a least one lead walk per day so that they get to see more of the beautiful surrounding areas and also to keep up their walking on leash manners. We offer basic training in doggy manners and etiquette each day so that they always behave respectfully and nicely around their fellow daycare buddies as well as dogs that they may encounter elsewhere.

    We have our own wash, dry and pamper room so that they come home smelling sweet and looking tidy even after a muddy winter day.

  • Overnight boarding

    This can be anything from an overnight slumber party to a full holiday while you are away. Dogs are able to take advantage of all of the daycare facilities that we offer and when we wave goodbye to our daycare guests each night, boarding clients spend their evenings with us at our home within the farm.

    You are very welcome to send a favourite toy or blanket but all we actually require is their food, this means they continue to eat their regular food, in an emergency we are always happy to provide food so no dog would ever go hungry.

  • Pick up and drop off service

    Our pick up and drop off service has been an integral part of the Dogvillas business for the last seven years. Our drivers know each and every dog the way we do, we never use agency or temporary staff so you will have the same familiar face each morning and evening. Each driver is with us at the farm throughout the day so they are very much a part of your dog’s day care routine. Pickups are Monday to Friday between 6.45am and 9.30am with drop offs between 4pm and 7pm.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to allocate time slots as the rounds are put together using locations and always look to ensure each dog spends as little time travelling as possible. For this reason we always ask to hold a key so that we can collect and return whether you are home or not.

    First collection will always be scheduled for when someone is home so that the driver can be given a spare set of keys, meet you and your dog and chat about any particulars relating to their needs. This service can also be used for dogs joining us for boarding.

  • Complimentary shuttle bus

    Each morning between 8am and 8.30 am we have a free shuttle service which boards and leaves from the corner of Vyner Street Bethnal Green E2 9DA and returns each evening to the same location between 6 and 6.30pm. Very much like a school bus, give us a call to book your space and then meet us at Vyner street to climb on board, a non stop journey to Burrs house farm in roughly twenty five minutes. This service can also be used for dogs joining us for boarding.

  • Puppy socialisation and day care

    We have a specific location within the centre for puppies age 3 to 8 months an indoor play area with its own puppy proof garden. At three months plus of age it is crucial for puppies to experience as much as possible, from travelling and dog to dog social skills, this can help eliminate future unwanted behaviours such as separation anxiety, chewing and a whole list of fears.

    Our facility gives puppies the opportunity to develop skills and for us to work on early stage training such as toilet training and doggy manors, we always incorporate a few older dogs with suitable temperaments to help mentor and set the babies off in the right direction.


  • Day care - £30.00
  • Pickup - £6.00
  • Drop off - £6.00
  • Overnight Boarding (24hrs) - £42.00
  • Vyner street shuttle bus - FREE
  • Puppy socialisation & daycare - £30

All prices are inclusive of V.A.T at the current rate. Supplementary charges for bank holidays. Please enquire for details.

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