There is nothing more fulfilling, rewarding or life enhancing than owning a dog but we know from our own experiences as owners of four Staffordshire bull terriers that trying to give a full stimulating life when based in a city or built up area is far from easy, even finding a dog friendly park can be a struggle, trying to teach a dog recall and doggy interaction manners in a park full of sunbathers and picnickers can be somewhere between embarrassing and intimidating.

DJ was our beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the most adorable fun loving friend you could ever wish for. He spent his early years going everywhere we went and he was involved in every aspect of our life. I was working from home and life was perfect but people’s lives change as do the needs of their pets.DJ was now nine, I was in a job which was taking me away from home quite a lot and my partner was more or less nine to five.

DJ’s needs were very different now, he wasn’t so keen to go on three mile runs these days but he was as keen as ever to have people around him who he knew, trusted and most importantly felt loved by. Some days he might fancy a good run around in the park with a bit of play thrown in, other times a stroll outside in the fresh air followed by some fuss and attention in the comfort of his home.

We were lucky because our sitter knew, loved and understood him the way we did and when we sadly had to say goodbye to him at the age of thirteen, we knew that he had been catered for in every way as he had progressed through his life. We couldn’t have given him that without our trusted sitters who were with us throughout his life.This probably doesn’t sound like the normal style business welcome, that’s because its not.

We decided what could be better than for our work to revolve around our pets and now it does, we will build a relationship with your pet and you so that together we give the most stable life possible for your animal family member.

On our free consultation we will discuss all of your requirements so that you are left with no questions un-answered.

So… With all the companies out there, why choose us?!

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